How To Rank Youtube Videos On First Page Of Google

29381510203 428a450d33 How To Rank Youtube Videos On First Page Of Google If you are running an online business or else if you have a website for your business then all you need is a good page rank. If you have high search rank then there are chances that more people will visit your website. Rest depends on your services and quality.
It’s not that easy to bring traffic to your website. Page ranks helps you to converge traffic towards your website. There is almost everyone on internet that uses search engines for all query they have. Now if you have the first rank on Google page rank that means you’ll surely have good visitors on your website.
Search Engine Optimization is the technique to increase your page rank. However, no search engine optimization firm can ensure you the first rank on Google but the good news is that you can make efforts to get the top rank. The secret lies in understanding that a lot of researches have been done on how Google robots rank a particular webpage.
You have to think like a normal person who is using internet and search engines to get answers to all his queries. Keywords can prove to be the biggest key factors in getting the first place on Google Search Page. The keyword should be very common, related to your business/ website. A well experiences SEO company can help you in this. Consider SEO India , for cost effective search engine optimization service for your business.
You should know one thing that Google bots cannot read the Flash file, they are meant to read the text only so if you have images on your website then make sure they are labeled or tagged with the relative keyword.
There are other things as well which decides your page rank, it includes authority, interactions and back links. If a website is on web since a long time then it gets authority. If visitors have commented on the website or the website has too many back links then it gets preference in Google searches. No matter how developed is the technology but it cannot decide which website is relevant and which is not so Google robots depends on human interactions for ranking pages.
The other thing that matters a lot is content. Google prefers original content. The quality of content plays a vital role in getting high page rank. The content on your page helps you to get back the links from other sites but if your website is not an authority website then all efforts are in vain.
If you have videos then it can prove to be of a great help for your website. You can share YouTube videos on your website. If your videos are on YouTube with relevant keywords then you might get a chance of getting listing in top Google search results. This is named You Tube Marketing. YouTube is an authority website and Google mostly views this site for queries. Article Directory Marketing is another way to get top spot in page ranks. You should submit your original, quality articles on some good article directories. People will share these videos and article on their own site if they feel them relevant. This will help you in getting good rank.
No one can guarantee you the top spot on Google Page Ranks except Google but all the above techniques can help you in getting top position in Google page ranks.

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