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SEO And Link Building, Like Tea and Sugar

SEO and link building are the two techniques which stand at a 20:80 ratio where the ranking at the search engines are concerned. Search engine optimisation can be broadly classified into two major areas. The first being on-page optimisation and the second off-page optimisation. What you are actually doing to affect your ranking on the search engine can be determined by the on-page optimisation. These changes could include the H1 tags, title tags etc.

Link building, on the other hand, is the tougher of the two. Though SEO and link building go hand in hand, it is actually link building which builds or breaks your website. The number of inbound links on your site will reflect a higher ranking with the search engines. It is also an important part of the page rank system on the search engines. To sum it up, building links is all about creating a network of inbound, outbound and cross links.
SEO And Link Building Methods

– Look for appropriate sites to make a link request. After you have found a site, make an inbound link request.
– Always look for entertaining, useful and informative sites.
– If you are not able to find the related sites easily, then search in the directories for the different categories available.
– You could also make use of free help to find related sites.

In SEO it is very important to have an effective and capable link building capability. As in real life, famous people have more links than others; similarly a high ranked website should also have high linkage. Search email addresses by contacting the webmaster with a request link. He can be contacted either through the source code in the website or directly. You could also obtain inbound links through your blogs. Search in the comments and discussion threads for links. Though these links would be short lived, it is still worth a try.

SEO and link building basic requirements would be to have quality content, with fresh and regular updates. Consider creating a blog or even invite discussions for that matter. Another method would be the syndication of content of a feed which is transmitted to different destinations. Link building would work well even with these syndication feeds.

Try and analyse your links with those of your competitors. You could compare your methods with those of your top competitors. It is a good tool to stay in the link building race. You could even end up getting traffic because if these links provide your competitor with traffic, they would also direct some of it to you. SEO and link building optimisation through competitive analysis is a very straight forward and fair technique to obtain good linkage. You are sure to get many more sites to link back to your own site.

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